“To be the unique leading Welfare Organisation within Dihlabeng visibly enabling people and communities to improve their quality of life.”


Developing an integrated holistic network with all stakeholders to render a multi caring social service.

Success Stories

Success to some is passing a grade at school or, completing a year at university, or completing a long awaited degree, or passing a driving test, or reaching a difficult  target, or making an annual budget, or, or, or…all of which are highly commendable and important in one’s life! The question is, what do an organisation such as Bethlehem Child and Family Welfare consider as success? It is with this in mind that we share the following amazing stories with you..

Second Chances

Education provides children with opportunities to escape poverty, gain a voice in their community.

Second Chance

She had been through it all! Life had not always dealt her a fair hand and her survival depended on her showing the world that she too did not care. She would do what she wanted, when she wanted and how she wanted and no one would dare tell her otherwise.

Lost but now found!

Imagine being sent to your father at the young age of 10 years. You are afraid, unsure, insecure and alone. Your mother had assured you that it would only be for the holidays and not a moment longer. Your father had expressed a sincere interest in having you for the holidays so, mixed with the apprehension is a little excitement. You step off the transport and there he is, your father.